Colorado Transect: Final Expedition Stats

Map of India's diagonal hike across Colorado in 2020
I charted my hike in red across the Colorado map, a wild woman’s waltz along my diagonal yellow transect line. Many people helped me along the way, the Friends of India’s Diagonal Expedition Colorado (FIDE CO).

Official stats for India’s Diagonal Expedition Colorado:

  • 732 miles hiked
  • Waltz partner: Matilda the Gregory backpack
  • Started expedition May 11, finished August 18, 100 days
  • 65 days of hiking in 5 segments
  • 35 days during expedition needed for route planning, scouting, food resupply, water caching, rest
  • 44 days hiking solo, 21 with friends
  • Cumulative elevation gain: about 50,300 ft. = Mt. Everest + Denali
  • Hiking path: dirt roads 31 days, paved roads 14, public land trails 14, private ranches 6
  • Where I slept: tent 39 nights, Bessie the 4Runner 9, motels 9, friends’ houses 8