India fossil hunting

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I am a Colorado-born naturalist, photographer, storyteller, and nonfiction writer. My joy is to explore nature with friends old and new as we whisper with the muses of art, science, and history.

Two books await publication. The Dinosaur’s Daughter is my 1980s memoir as a lost Colorado teenager, half intellectual and half rodeo girl, armed with a Jurassic meat-eating dinosaur. Going Diagonal is the adventure story of my 730-mile hike across Colorado from SE to NW in 2020, replete with bears, vanishing trails, rabid guard dogs, and my own fragility as I strove to meet everyone across the political spectrum. Read my article, “Going Diagonal” in the May-June 2022 issue of Colorado Life magazine.

Make a donation to Audubon Rockies in honor of my 1,500-mile trek across Colorado along the SE-NW and NE-SW diagonal transects in 2020 and 2022.