“Going Diagonal Part II” and “Going Diagonal”, articles I wrote for Colorado Life magazine

Diagonal documentary about my 1,500-mile hike of the Colorado X

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I am a Colorado-born naturalist, photographer, storyteller, and nonfiction writer. My joy is to explore nature with friends old and new as we whisper with the muses of art, science, and history.

I am currently working on three books. The Dinosaur’s Daughter is my 1980s memoir as a lost Colorado teenager, half intellectual and half rodeo girl, armed with a Jurassic meat-eating dinosaur. Going Diagonal is the adventure story of my hike across Colorado from SE to NW in 2020, replete with bears, vanishing trails, and rabid guard dogs as I strove to meet everyone across the political spectrum. A Sense of Direction is a travel memoir about learning to stand on my own two feet amid a decaying marriage as I backpacked the second Colorado diagonal from NE to SW, completing the first-ever 1,500-mile Colorado X.