Visit Facebook for my latest nature adventures, including backpacking the sky islands and desert arroyos of NW Colorado in 2021 and my 732-mile diagonal hike across the state in 2020.

I am a naturalist and nonfiction writer growing in Boulder, Colorado. My joy is to explore nature with kindred spirits, soaring through art, science, history, and our own peculiar hearts and minds. 

Read about The Dinosaur’s Daughter, my 1980s memoir as a lost Colorado teenager, half intellectual and half rodeo girl, armed with a Jurassic meat-eating dinosaur, her fossilized bones both a possible scientific treasure and personal ticket to anywhere—I just needed to figure out where.

I earned a degree in English literature from Dartmouth College and completed many writing workshops at the Denver Lighthouse Writers Workshop beginning in 2014. I currently manage foreign rights, licensing, and promotion for the Nancy Wood Literary Trust. In my former life as a freelance business writer I authored 15 studies of creative industries published by trade associations, Interweave Press, and F+W Media.

Colorado’s natural places nurture my soul. I have hiked across Colorado on my own path from the southeast to northwest corners and camped in more than 90 locations from the starry grasslands near Hugo to the steeps of Avalanche Creek. I served on the board of Wildlands Restoration Volunteers from 2015 to 2019 and volunteer on projects. In 2018 and 2021 I received my wilderness first aid certification. Dinosaurs, fossils, and rocks still stir my heart: I volunteer on dinosaur excavations with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and worked as a nature camp instructor at Dinosaur Ridge. Come camping with me sometime!

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