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Create Facebook posts about my nature adventures which attract as many as 100 comments and multiple shares. Developed six websites using WordPress. Earlier in my career I managed development of an astronomy website, Sky & Telescope.

Magazine Articles

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My Help Is in the Mountain: The Selected Poems of Nancy Wood

Edited by India Wood

Published 2022. I selected the poems and wrote the biography for this posthumous collection of 73 poems by my mother, Nancy Wood. Nancy’s eight poetry books sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide. As the trustee of the Nancy Wood Literary Trust I hired a designer and editor and self-published the book on Amazon after approaching commercial publishers.

Going Diagonal (unpublished)

This travel memoir is about my 732-mile hike across Colorado from the southeast to northwest corners in 2020, a year of divisiveness. I mapped my own trail northwest through ranches and on roads, wandering across American borders: liberal/conservative, rancher/conservationist, urban/rural, public land/private. Along the trail I tripped over my own hiking ignorance, evaded a bear who considered my tent a buffet, and crossed words with bad humans who stole my water cache or accosted me on the dark prairie. New friends, many of them rural conservative evangelical Christians, helped this non-religious Boulderite liberal achieve her dreams.

India with pickaxe, 1979, age 12

The Dinosaur’s Daughter (unpublished)

This coming-of-age memoir is about an unparented teenager who digs up a dinosaur on a friend’s Colorado ranch. The fossilized bones are both a possible museum display and ticket to the profession of paleontology, but I wanted more than that.

Business Reports 2003-2016

NAMTA Artists and Art Materials market summary 2015

I produced 15 industry studies published by F&W Media, Interweave Press, and  trade associations. As the president of Hart Business Research from 2003 through 2016 I conducted surveys and interviews, analyzed data, wrote reports, and subcontracted editors and graphic designers. Developed publication launch plans that included events, social media, web pages, e-newsletters, and print mail. Studies consisted of professionally-designed and edited market summaries, consumer and retailer survey reports, e-news articles, and web pages.

  • NAMTA Artists & Art Materials Study 2015, 2012, 2009; International Art Materials Trade Association (NAMTA)
  • The State of Specialty NeedleArts 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2005; The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA)
  • Sewing in America 2016, 2006; F+W Media
  • Scrubs Market Study 2014, Uniform Retailers Association
  • Interweave Creative Markets 2011, Interweave Press
  • Craft Artists, Income, and the U.S. Economy 2011, Craft Artist Development Association
  • The Stamp Collector Survey 2007, American Philatelic Society
  • The State of Beading in the USA 2004, Interweave Press
  • Two articles in Yarn Market News magazine
  • Seven articles and series of 25 market insights for NAMTA e-News, 2009–2013
  • Series of 25 market insights for TNNA e-News, 2016

Author Qualifications

  • Dartmouth College, English Literature B.A., 1988
  • Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Denver, 2015–ongoing
    • Lit Fest seminars on travel writing, setting, scenes, emotional thesaurus, revision, 2023
    • Elements of a Strong Story, Rachel Weaver, 2021
    • Five Things You Find in a Scene, John Cotter, 2021
    • Nature Writing workshop with Helen MacDonald, 2019
    • Nonfiction Writing workshop with Joel Warner, 2018
    • The Big Edit with Eleanor Brown, 2016
    • Advanced Novel and Short Story workshop with Erika Krouse, 2015
    • Seminars on poetry, dialogue, scenes, story, plot, endings
  • Nancy Wood Literary Trust trustee 2013–ongoing: Manage licensing and foreign rights for my mother’s 28 books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Produced Poem of the Month e-newsletter for nine years with a 41% open rate.
  • Memoir edited by Laura Pritchett, recipient of the PEN USA Award for Fiction and director of the nature writing program at Western Colorado University.
  • MBA, MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA, 1996, with courses in data models and advanced business communications