I’ve always wanted to hike across this state I love so much, so I’m taking those steps in 2020. Explore India’s Colorado Diagonal Expedition and how you can join as a fellow hiker or field support. I am a self-taught naturalist, an avid observer of birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, fish, plants, rocks, fossils, and the cosmos. I am particularly interested in the place of humans in nature, and nature in humans.

My love of nature grew up on Colorado ranches, first on my stepfather’s prairie ranch near Limon and later when I spent three teen summers digging up a dinosaur on a friend’s cattle outfit near Elk Springs. Out there, you either learned how to navigate and take care of yourself or you fed the turkey vultures.

In my adult life I have camped in more than 60 wild places in Colorado, boated up the Rio Negro in Brazil, hiked the Swiss Alps, gone on safari in Zambia, and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef. But my daily intimacy with nature is while hiking the hills and prairie near our house in Boulder, binoculars in one hand and an interesting rock in the other.


  • Wildlands Restoration Volunteers: nature restoration volunteer and lead camp cook, 2014–ongoing; board member, 2015–2019
  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Laramidia Project paleontology field research volunteer, 2018–ongoing
  • Boulder County Nature Association, member and symposium attendee, 2019–ongoing
  • Dinosaur Ridge, children’s nature camp instructor, 2018
  • Wilderness First Aid certification, 2018
  • Sky & Telescope, astronomy website digital products manager, 2000–2002
  • Darmouth College, courses in chemistry, geology, and animal behavior, 1984–1988
  • Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, member 1985–1986